Frequently Asked Questions

The documents below address frequently asked questions.  One is for new users or those considering YFIRES as a tool and one is for registered users to answer technical questions about how YFIRES functions.  If your question is not answered here, please use the "Contact Us" button on the website to submit your question or concern.


What will the license fee be used for? The license fee will be used to keep the domain, maintain the website, and most importantly, keep the YFIRES system online. The system was built using federal grant money and maintained through IAFF funds and donations. Also, the license fee will be used for bug fixes & enhancements. A license fee will help ensure YFIRES long-term success.

Why is the license fee so much money? Is this a money grab? We spent many long hours debating the license fee and wanted to ensure that just about everyone could afford it. So we settled upon $40 per month. No one is making millions from the license fee! Burn Prevention Network is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Therefore, profits are impossible for the corporation. Over half the people working on the YFIRES system in the back office work pro bono. The leadership team is an all-volunteer group!

What if my company cannot afford the system? We want everyone who wants access to YFIRES to have access. We are actively seeking donations & grants to keep the system open to everyone! If you need a grant, please let us know.

Do I have to pay the license fee right away? Will the system be turned off for me if my budget cycle is next year? No. We will work with your budget cycle. Please continue to use the system and let us know when your budget cycle will allow for the license.

How many users can I assign to my program? Are there additional license fees? You can assign as many users as you need. There are no additional license fees.

Can we work out a way for several programs to combine under a single license fee? Yes. Please call us.

Can I start using YFIRES before the license fee is paid? Yes. You can start using the system as soon as your program is verified, which is usually within 48 hours.


This document contains our FAQs for those who may have yet to use YFIRES.  You may contact us, but your question may be answered more quickly here. 

If you are already a registered user of YFIRES and have a question about system operation, your question may be answered in one of these FAQs.  Check here, it may lead to a quicker answer to your question. 

This document contains our FAQs for those using the reporting components of the YFIRES system.  You may contact us, but your question may be answered more quickly here.