Support YFIRES

On behalf of the YFIRES Executive Team, it is our sincere hope that the YFIRES data system is proving to be of value. More than 300 registered programs and over 2,000 cases have been entered in YFIRES from 46 states and are representative of the fire service, mental health and child welfare groups, law enforcement, the medical community, and non-profit organizations.

We soon will have data to generate reports showing the collective experiences of these programs with the redacted real-time information.  We will also be providing relevant articles, research findings and other information on the YFIRES website. Thank you for contributing to this body of knowledge that benefits not only your program, but will raise all programs to a higher level.

Our pledge has always been to make YFIRES a free service to users.  YFIRES was developed under a series of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighter grants, which makes it a public project and a public resource.  This pledge is not just a promise, but a mandate we feel compelled to honor.