What Is The Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System (YFIRES)? 

YFIRES is a data collection and national repository project developed by the International Association of Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation Burn Fund and funded through DHS/FEMA’s Grant Program Directorate for Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - Fire Prevention and Safety Grants.

The goal of this project is to create a centralized data collection tool that will assist youth firesetting intervention services in a number of disciplines (fire, mental health, law enforcement) and assemble a body of information that will enhance the national understanding of youth firesetting behavior and help in developing evidence-based intervention strategies.  

Who Is Behind The Development Of YFIRES?

The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) convened a group of youth firesetting intervention professionals in 2011 to discuss the problem of youth-set fires in the United States.  This group was unanimous in their opinion that fires set by youth were underreported across the United States and the need for a centralized database..  The IAFF committed to providing support and leadership to seek grant funding for a committee to further explore the national needs in this particular segment of the fire problem.  

The project convened meetings between subject matter experts in all disciplines related to youth firesetting intervention, both inside and outside the fire service.  Technical experts on data systems were an integral part of the process.  Through the combined effort, and over the course of four years of diligent work, YFIRES became the tool that is now available through this web site.