Welcome to the YFIRES Web Site

The Youth Firesetting Information Repository & Evaluation System (YFIRES) is a data collection project initiated by the International Association of Fire Fighters and funded by DHS/FEMA’s Grant Program Directorate for Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - Fire Prevention and Safety Grants.

The goal of this project is to create a data collection tool that will assist both the fire service any non-fire service discipline invested in youth firesetting intervention programs.  This project will help develop a body of information that improves the national understanding of youth firesetting behavior and the work being done by programs across the United States.  

As a YFIRES user, you will find guides and video tutorials that help you become proficient with YFIRES.  You will also be entering into a national collaboration to share anonymous, non-confidential information with your professional peers and programs across the country, contributing to a comprehensive body of knowledge that will be shared only with other users.  

Non-participants in the YFIRES data system can also benefit from this project through reports and information that will be posted on the YFIRES site.

Our pledge has always been to make YFIRES a free service to users.  YFIRES was developed under a series of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighter grants, which makes it a public project and a public resource.  This pledge is not just a promise, but a mandate we feel compelled to honor.   

The data analysis component and future database expansions, however, are services that extend beyond our current means since we are no longer grant-funded.  To support timely research and analysis of the data, our goal is to raise funds for basic operational needs.  We are asking for your help to meet this need.  If you, your agency, or your program would like to provide financial support for YFIRES, please follow this LINK for additional details.  You do not have to be a YFIRES user to participate.

Thank you for visiting.  It is only through our collective efforts that we can expand our knowledge of youth firesetting behavior.  We hope YFIRES is a tool to help facilitate this goal.