Donations and Support

YFIRES was developed through the generous donation of time by dozens of subject matter experts and professionals in the field of youth firesetting intervention and data collection.  Grants were also acquired to provide the necessary funding to develop YFIRES.  

The following donors have made YFIRES possible.  


International Association of Fire Fighters - Charitable Burn Fund
The most significant contributor to YFIRES is, without a doubt, the IAFF Charitable Burn Fund.  Their contribution has been immeasurable through their support as a fiscal sponsor for the acquisition of the grants that made YFIRES possible.  Staffing and administrative support have provided the initial foundation for YFIRES to launch and move toward independent operation.

Security Benefits / IAFF Responders First Program
Daniel Ryan of Ryan Financial Solutions in Portland, Oregon, in cooperation with Security Benefit's "IAFF Responders First Program made a generous donation to the operating fund of YFIRES in May 2019.  IAFF Responders First Program is an effort to ensure IAFF members have a secure financial future as they move into retirement.  You can contact Ryan Financial Solutions by clicking HERE to find out more about the IAFF Responders First Program by clicking HERE.     

SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs
SOS FIRES became a non-profit organization in 1995.  Their mission was to provide services in the field of youth firesetting intervention that was not being provided for by national, state, or local organizations.  For 21 years, they hosted a website exclusive to youth firesetting, conducted dozens of training, and participated in all levels of program development for youth firesetting intervention services.  The organization would dissolve in 2016 but donate its accumulated funds to the YFIRES effort, allowing three years of baseline budget for guaranteed operation by YFIRES and a set amount of funding for the first national report on the accumulated data, in 2019.  As a legacy donor, their contribution will always be recognized as a launching point for YFIRES as a business entity. 

DHS/FEMA’s Grant Program Directorate for Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - Fire Prevention and Safety Grants
DHS/FEMA has provided three different grants that allowed the executive committee, steering committee, and stakeholders to move YFIRES from concept to reality.