Update Bulletins Library


Below are links to all of the update bulletins pertaining to YFIRES.  

When changes to the system are made, an Update Bulletin will be created and sent to all registered users.  This location is the library where all Update Bulletins can be found.

UPDATE BULLETIN 2019-03 - YFIRES Update 2019-03 provides the results of the Reasearch Planning Survey.  This information will lead the evaluation of YFIRES data gathered over the first three years of opeartion.  10/26/19

UPDATE BULLETIN 2019-02 - YFIRES Update 2019-02 shares improvements to the Local Data Reporting function of the data system.  Users can now select tallies based on the category each case falls under (active, finalized, submitted, all).  7/30/19

UPDATE BULLETIN 2019-01 - YFIRES Update 2019-01 shares information on a new resource, a YFIRES Intake Report Form that is translated into Spanish.  It can be found on the YFIRES.com web site.  2/8/19

UPDATE BULLETIN 2018-01 - YFIRES Update 2018-01 provides information on case close out date options and how to place a case into different sort categories.  2/19/18

UPDATE BULLETIN 2017-01 - YFIRES Update 2017-01 provides information on search functions when managing cases.  1/11/17

UPDATE BULLETIN 2016-04 - YFIRES Update 2016-04 provides information about the release of the YFIRES User Manual.  11/3/16

UPDATE BULLETIN 2016-03 - YFIRES Update 2016-03 contains information about changes to the tab order in the Manage Cases function of the system.  It also provides useage tips. 7/27/16

UPDATE BULLETIN 2016-02 - YFIRES Update 2016-02 contains information about retrieving documents stored in a case file.  5/24/2016.

UPDATE BULLETIN 2016-01 - YFIRES Update 2016-01 contains information about he addition of the TERMS OF USE requirement to the YFIRES Data System.  4/21/2016.

UPDATE BULLETIN 2015-02 - YFIRES Update 2015-02 contains important information on a newly activated feature of the system.  11/11/2015.

UPDATE BULLETIN 2015-01 - YFIRES update 2015-01 contains important information that has changed since YFIRES was launched.  Current users who registered before 10/5/2015 should review this update to ensure you are understanding the latest developments and amendments to the YFIRES Data System.  10/5/2015.